The Facebook(tm) Guide To Local Advertising

Use this unique ad template to increase traffic and leads on your local websites.

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“When we were looking for the most authoritative voice in Digital Marketing, our search stopped when we found Jon. He has forgotten more about advertising than I ever knew in the first place! Our company is now better armed and suited to serve our customers than we ever have been in the past.”

Jay Wilkinson, CEO Firespring

Your 3-Step Guide to
Getting Started with Responsive Advertising

This free guide shows what to do to get highly targeted traffic from ads that your audience engages with - a proven ads template.

  • 1

    Top Performing Ad Strategies

    The 3 best-performing Facebook Ad Strategies in 2018 (most of which you’ve never heard of…) that top-performing local businesses are now using.

  • 2

    A DIFFERENT way to drive traffic in 2018

    The #1 way to drive clients traffic (and a strategy that you can implement in 30 minutes or less) that has never resulted in failure. Note: This is a time-tested, proven framework that turns your local business into a quality traffic machine.

  • 3

    Lead Generation Tips for Local Service Professionals

    Creating lead ads for dentists, chiropractors and professional services providers. You’ll be amazed to learn the simplicity of this NEW approach, and how using “any ‘ol creative” and not knowing what to write will be a thing of the past.